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As Art Director, Sarah understands the rules that govern typography, the structuring of information, and the technical aspects of publishing, printing and production.



An Arizona native, Sarah Sandhaus sparks vibrant creativity and random acts of "genius". She has been blessed with the gift of creativity and truly loves design as a career.


Sarah’s professional experience in the field of graphic design began in 2001 after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Arizona State University. She has designed for corporations, small businesses, individuals, ministries, and non-profit organizations. She is passionate about conveying visual messages to the community and beyond in a concise, unique, vibrant, and meaningful way.


As a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, Sarah delights in the many wonderful people whom shape, teach, comfort, encourage and test her (in one way or another). She declares that she not only has a heart for design, but also for her Savior, Jesus. Although most of her time is devoted to her faith, family and Electric Dreams Design, she considers herself a snow skier (snow pending in the mountains of course), bookworm, softball star, poor golfer, water skier, camper, hiker, home repair amateur, social butterfly, lover of food and music and a yellow lab friend.

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