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Uncharted Marketing President and Chief Marketing Strategist Gail Gust is a dynamic and accomplished marketing professional with 20+ years experience leveraging entrepreneurial vision, branding, and integrated marketing strategies to deliver measureable results for rapid-growth corporations in B2B and B2C sectors.


Gail possesses a strong sense of urgency, initiative and competitive drive to get things done, with an emphasis on working with people, seeking feedback and contributions by others. She is a confident and venturesome “doer” and decision-maker who uses understanding of people to effectively influence and persuade others to act.


Driving success for corporate employers and business clients, some of the key accomplishments Gail has achieved include:

  • Creating and implementing strategies and messaging via print and electronic vehicles which resulted in sales that exceeded revenue goals in excess of $300K

  • Development and execution of advertising and PR campaigns including unpaid media achieving more than 2 Million impressions in the first year of business

  • 50% reduction ($7K) in monthly digital marketing costs and increase in online engagement achieved through analysis of corporate website and social media strategy, and optimization of resources

  • Launching dozens of new products ranging from $99 to $30,000, including creatively packaged home study courses, live educational conferences, entrepreneurial videos, software, and miscellaneous sales tools


At the core of her relationships and business endeavors Gail exhibits a positive attitude, high integrity and authenticity. She is passionate about helping business owners discover and achieve their goals.  A health and fitness advocate, she enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities and enlists her friends and family to join her.  Gail’s most treasured time is spent with her family and church community.

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